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Dixie Techs

by kwhittek
August 4, 2010 – 9:11 am

YEAH!! It’s time to get back to our Dixie Tech meetings. We hope you had a terrific July and are excited to join us at the August 13 Tech Friday.

Presenting will be Jason Wells from Contact Point, a local company on a high growth trajectory. Jason, a former VP at Sony Pictures Television International, joined Jeremiah Wilson, the company’s founder, several years ago. A B2B company, Contact Point’s core product is a technology and system that monitors and trains a company’s telephone sales and service teams. In the past year they’ve hired 14 persons, quite a feat in today’s economy.

With nationwide customers and a significant venture capital injection, Contact Point must expand everywhere including management and technical expertise. Do you know top talent that wants to come and live the great life in Washington County? Come find out how Contact Point is adding to the tech ecosystem of Southern Utah!!
Date: Friday, August 13
Time: 12 noon
Place: Taylor Health Sciences Center Rm. 156
RSVP: dba@dixie.edu

  1. I think I know a person that will be very excited about that. I am sure that a lot of people are enthusiastic actually. Regards!


    By mandy890 on Jan 18, 2012

  2. Definitely, sounds like something I would go to, but will it happen again! Relocation London

    By Allie65 on Feb 28, 2012

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