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Dixie Angels
Funding Process
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Who Are We?

The Dixie Angels is newly formed group of accredited investors located in Southern Utah. The Dixie Angel group is committed to furthering Southern Utah’s economy by fostering economic development through experienced investment and consulting.

The Dixie Angels facilitates unique, high-caliber networking and development forums for angel investors and mentors involved in early-stage investments. Our mission is to promote best practice to reduce risk in early-stage investments for the benefit of entrepreneurs, investors and the community.

What Do We Do?

Angel investors are individuals and mentors who are willing to contribute their personal capital and expertise in order to fund and grow a startup business.

What Type of Businesses Are We Looking For?

The Dixie Angels group is looking for innovative business ideas. Typically, the Dixie Angels organization is interested in scalable business-to-business opportunities. This sounds complex; however, in layman’s terms, if your product or service will be marketed to other businesses and can reach far outside the Southern Utah market; your business may be what the angels are looking for.

Does Your Business Need An Angel?

Startup businesses are usually innovative and have endless energy. Generally, however, a startup is under funded and lacks the long-term expertise to grow as fast as an entrepreneur would like. The Angel group was set up to lend these two critical pieces to a new startup.

How does the process work?

To learn more of how the funding process works, click here.

Would You Like To Be An Angel?

If you would like to join the Dixie Angels please contact a current angel to sponsor you’re application. To register as an investor or upload your business plan, you will need to go to www.dixieangels.com. You must comply with accredited investor status and have a willingness to help and nurture southern Utah’s fast growing business community.

Dixie Angel Management Group Contacts

Dixie Angels

Mike Christensen
Co-Founder, Managing Director
Vision Ventures Capital and Consulting
(801) 809-9294

Adam Snow
(435) 705-4449