Tuesday, June 25, 2013
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360 Survey Marketing

This course is a “360 Degree Survey” of your business brought to you by the Gaining Focus. It is very different from traditional surveys. The term “360 Degree Survey” refers to receiving feedback from all directions-customer, employees, yourself, and others. The results highlight areas where there may be such varying perceptions among key people that you will need to gather more information to understand the issue and make effective decisions. The Gaining Focus organization customizes the right questions to ask, to the right people and then it reads the data accurately. The Gaining Focus group uses the McKay/Bennett Small Business Model to organize the survey data and show you how the Survey can impact your business. The model states that successful businesses are built by:

  • Finding or creating, then securing opportunities.
  • Transforming the opportunities into positive results.
  • Using the positive results to increase the size or number of opportunities.

The cost of the Survey is $129 plus any mailing costs. For additional details go to www.mybusinessresults.com.