Tuesday, June 25, 2013
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CEO Club

It is lonely at the top. There is often no one to talk with about key business activities. The CEO Club is an exclusive opportunity for qualified business owners and managers to discuss and learn, peer-to-peer, in a safe environment. Facilitated by Steve Carwell of Jadestone Consulting, the CEO Club will provide an exhilarating forum for those in leadership roles.

CEO Club Benefits:

  • Refocusing — revisiting what you used to know
  • Strategizing — recapturing the vision
  • Exploring — what your business could become
  • Spring boarding your growth with advanced business tactics
  • The CEO Club is a 6-week course discussing the following topics. Additional "Intelligence Briefings" will be scheduled on a quarterly basis.
  • Leadership Strategies — Alignment
  • Change Initiatives — Focus
  • Financial Ratios and Trend Analysis
  • Sales and Negotiation
  • Personnel Management — Advisory Boards
  • Succession Planning and Exit Strategies