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Dashboard Business Analysis Software

This software has been designed for the SBA by utilizing the Criteria for Performance Excellence Framework which was implemented to determine the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award recipients each year for the past 20 years. The criteria developed to analyze the potential recipients provides a valuable framework that can be used to measure current business performance and to plan for and implement the needed changes that will put the business on the path for success and growth in the future.

The Dashboard software and related program can be used by any business leader and manager to first analyze current performance; then determine root causes of current performance that needs to be changed or improved. At that point, people can be assigned in a organized fashion to address the most significant problems first by determining solutions that will change the results. Then Management will develop and follow-up on the time lines for the completion of the assigned tasks that will then improve the business results.

There are 16 areas with 10 questions in each area that must be addressed. The questions are worded to ask the question “To what extent has the company implemented, completed or deployed each of the 160 items that make businesses successful.” The SBDC will train the organization to do their own Organization Assessment. Initially the company will answer the questions in one of the 5 following replies:

  • To a very great extent
  • To a great extent
  • To a moderate extent
  • To a small extent
  • To a very small extent or not at all.

Then the Business Owner or Manager will need to analyze the areas to see which items need immediate work and which can be worked on later. You cannot assign too many tasks or none of them will get done. This is the point when a SBA Consultant can be brought into the equation to help give focus to this process. It is important to realize what are the most important items that need work. They might turn out to be much different than management originally that thought. Once the questions have been answered in the computer, this software product will automatically tell you where you need work. If the area is red,it requires immediate action. If the area is yellow, it is a caution that there are items that will need work after the red items have been addressed. If the items are green, they will probably not require immediate action. The SBDC can help you establish a good improvement action plan for the red and yellow items. As the focus is sharpened, the management team will be able to spent time without wasting it on items that currently are not causing real concern.

The 16 areas covered in the Dashboard software/program are as follows:

  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Financial Performance
  • Market and Sales Performance
  • Strategy Accomplishment
  • Leadership/Social Responsibility
  • Customer Focus
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Value
  • Product Performance
  • Service Performance
  • Operations Focus
  • Design Performance
  • Production Performance
  • Delivery Performance
  • Support performance
  • Workforce Focus
  • Workforce Satisfaction
  • Workforce Development
  • Workforce Engagement
  • Workforce Performance

After the initial Action Plan has been implemented, the SBDC can help your company survive, grow and prosper by improving your business practices for best results.