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High Performance Entrepreneur (HPE)

This book and internet interactive program (www.hpebook.com) contain a proven system of the 300 Best Practices that can help business owners and managers accelerate revenue growth, increase profitability, drive equity and make it a lot more fun! It can even help those who need to hit their first million. The Best Practices have helped clients build sustainable and profitable revenue increases of 50% or more year after year.

The High Performance Entrepreneur Best Practices are based on 12 years of ongoing research with owner operated businesses and over 75 years of consulting experience. They include the Best Practices of experts in Banking, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Marketing, Sales Accounting, Risk Management, and other disciplines.

The main lesson that has been learned from these High Performance Entrepreneur clients and experts is that you as a business person are in a race with your competition. You have two alternatives. First, you can take 20 years with at least 4 major setbacks and hope by that time you have learned and implemented your best practices through trial and error and are still in business; or Second, you implement the HEP Best Practices today and get to real success 90% faster without all the major setbacks.

When you implement the Best Practices you will experience success in the following areas:

  • Above average Return on Investment
  • High Productivity
  • Survivability and Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Less stress more fun!

As you progress in the HPE process you will see that you are doing many of the successful activities already; however you must grow and improve in many of these areas and there will be areas where you are currently not doing anything. In these areas you must start to develop and action plan. The 300 questions are broken down into the following areas:

  • Ownership
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Productivity
  • Accounting
  • Risk Management
  • Next Phase

Now it is time to go to www.hpebook.com and take the 30 Minute free consultation online. After you have begun to look at your business from the free seminar you can decide if the extended program is right for you, If so Contact your SBDC Director to be your Advisor when you take the Program.