Tuesday, June 25, 2013
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Networking Groups

Dixie Techs

Target Audience: Dixie's Tech-Savvy community
Description: Monthly meeting focusing on business techniques that will help techies improve their marketing, financing, communicating and organizing endeavors
Venue: Taylor Health Science Center Room 156, 1526 Medical Center Dr, Saint George, UT  84770
Time: Noon-1:00
Cost: Free to members
Chair: Josh Aikens
Number of Members: 300-500
For more information: www.dixietechs.com, email Jill Elliss: jelliss@utah.gov or Aubrey Terrill: aterrill@utah.gov


St. George Area Chamber of Commerce

Target Audience: Dixie's Business Community
Description: Designed to help facilitate the needs of each member, ambition is to create a community in which businesses and families thrive.
Venue: Weekly luncheon held on Wednesday at the Best Western Abbey Inn.  Occasional ribbon cuttings and networking events.
Time: Noon-1:00
Cost: $13/plate, Annual dues vary between $150 - $935 depending on number of employees, one-time set up fee of $50
Chair: Ed Rogers
For more information: www.stgeorgechamber.com


Business Network International-St. George First Chapter

Target Audience: Dixie's Business Community
Description: Offering members an opportunity to share ideas, contacts and business referrals
Venue: Holiday Inn, 850 S Bluff St, Saint George, UT  84770
Time: Tuesday 7:30AM 
Chair: Doug LeSueur
Number of Members: 5-30
For more information: www.utahbni.com, 435.674.2874


Business Network International-St. George Second Chapter

Target Audience: Dixie's Business Community
Description: Offering members an opportunity to share ideas, contacts and business referrals
Venue: Villa Gardens, 170 S Mall Dr , Saint George, UT  84790
Time: Tuesday 11:30 AM
Chair: William Hansen
Number of Members: 5-30
For more information: www.utahbni.com, 435.467.1238

Business Network International-Cedar City

Target Audience: Cedar City's Business Community
Description: Offering members an opportunity to share ideas, contacts and business referrals
Venue: Crystal Inn, 1575 W 200 N
Time: Wednesday 7:00
Chair: Brandon Jones
Number of Members: 0-30
For more information: www.utahbni.com, 435.586.2211

Networkings The Secret

Target Audience: St. George area business professionals
Description: Networking's The Secret encourages local communities of small business owners with non- exclusionary networking experiences by consistent weekly meetings where each attendee has the opportunity to stand and introduce themselves and their business to all assembled. Attendees are encouraged to directly Cultivate Prosperous Business Relationships through face to face contact and networking.
Venue: The Pizza Factory, 2 W Saint George Blvd
Time: Tuesday Noon
Cost: FREE
Chair: Rebecca Monson
Number of members: 300-500
For more information: networkingsthesecret.com, 435.313.7444

Southern Utah Mentors (SUM)

Target Audience: St. George Area CEO's and Leaders
Venue: Small Business Development Center, 1071 E 100 S C7, Saint George, UT 84770


Southern Utah Networkers (SUN)

Target Audience: One member from each industry in Southern Utah
Description: The Southern Utah Networkers is the premier business networking group in southern Utah since 2002. It is comprised of �A� listed businesses who seek to be on the front line of sales and gather qualified leads to increase the bottom line of their businesses.
Venue: Dixie Business Alliance, 1071 East 100 South, Saint George, UT  84770
Time: Friday Morning 8:00
Cost: $60 Annual
Chair: Dale Watkins
Number of members: 0-30
For more information: southernutahnetworkers.com, 435.986-4244

Southern Utah Technical Council (Cedar Techs) 

Target Audience: Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs in the Cedar City Area
Discription: Southern Utah high tech businesses and their associates brought together to create a high tech business environment in Southern Utah that will assist its members in developing resources, increasing their market shares and becoming profitable through networking
Chair: Brent Drew
For more information: quantumbrent@gmail.com, 435.559.0421  


St. George Linux Users Group

Target Audience: Penguins in the St. George area
Description: The St. George Linux Users group is a volunteer organization of Linux and technology enthusiasts.  They hold meetings every fourth friday at 12:30 PM to share knowledge of Linux and related technologies and to learn from others. Topics include the latest technology trends, technical skills in server, desktop, and network management; and web development. 
Chair: Dan Purcell
For more information: Email Dan Purcell dan@velocitywebworks.com



Target Audience: St. George area Ruby users or those interested in learning Ruby
Description: The St. George Branch of the Utah Ruby User Group (URUG).  
Venue: 1140 E 100 S, Ste 6, St. George, UT  84770 (temporary)
Time: Meeting dates vary, time is 7:00 PM
Cost: Free
Chair: Jeff Poulton
For more information: Email Jeff Poulton at poulton@gmail.com, visit the google group