Tuesday, June 25, 2013
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Veteran Entrepreneurial Training

Training for Military Members and Families

USBDC supports military members and their families by helping them explore entrepreneurial ventures. VA Education Benefits and Scholarships are available.

USBDC Offers:

  • Customized one-on-one consulting
  • Expert feasibility-study assistance
  • Business plan development
  • Gateway to exclusive market research
  • specialized business training
  • Broad network of community business contacts
  • Access to best-selling business plan software
  • Small business library resources

Start Smart and Comprehensive Entrepreneurial Training Covers:

  • Reasons for becoming an entrepreneur
  • Drawbacks of owning a business
  • Business statistics
  • Myths and realities of business
  • Business entry strategies
  • Feasibility/business plan development
  • Characteristics of entrepreneurs and self assessment
  • Legal and regulatory obligations
  • Choosing form of ownership

Training is offered throughout Utah and can be explored here. You can also contact us today:

Lennart T. Erickson - Director
Phone: 435.652.7752