Tuesday, June 25, 2013
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Projects Southern Utah

Key initiatives of the Southern Utah Technology Outreach office include:

Renewable Energy

USTAR's Southern Utah TOIP team has published a report that provides an overview of Utah's renewable energy resources. In addition to data on the state's opportunities in geothermal, wind, solar, and biomass energy generation, there are brief technology assessments, and a chart (slide 13) indicating potential collaborations with USTAR Research teams. An outline of next steps (slide 18) is provided. The team is working on a follow-on report to provide commercialization/market assessment data for all the technologies discussed.

SEED Dixie Partnership

SEED Dixie partners with USTAR in sponsoring the Dixie Angels and the Dixie Technology Association (Dixie Techs). The Dixie Angels see ten pitch presentations each year which are carefully screened from dozens applying to the angelsoft site. This new angel group has funded two businesses in 2008.

Dixie Techs was established to nurture and provide resources to the technology sector, a seedbed of entrepreneurially minded businesses and individuals. Guided by an eight-member steering committee, the Dixie Techs group meets every month in Tech Friday gatherings to network, hear speakers, and share information.

The recently formed Dixie Entrepreneur Association board of directors will be advising SEED Dixie activities. Led by Chuck Summerhays, the former CEO of Teledyne, the board includes successful business owners with a diversity of experience.

Currently the SEED Dixie/USTAR partners engage with clients for initial consulting for an assessment. If the concept or business has the potential to reach national markets and create high paying jobs, it proceeds to more advanced counseling and additional USTAR resources.

Contacts are:

Dr. William Pratt: USTAR, Southern Utah Managing Director

Jill Elliss: SEED Dixie Director and USTAR Analyst

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